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This Life Goes Spin Just Like a Wheel
Saturday, October 21, 2006
This Life Goes Spin Just Like a Wheel

That Statement keep Lingering on my head since the Beginning of this month (Oct)
yup! its true " this life goes spin just like a wheel " sometime you're at the top
but sometime you're at the bottom.

So do my feelin' goes spin like a fuckin! wheel
this october I often feel joyful, but its not argue that sometimes I feel Nauseated

*the reasons I feel Joyful:
1. Enthusiastic with the New Job: its regularly happen to the Newcomers at any company
2. dreams come true: since I work for the first company, I Typed in my "dream list book"
:someday I want my job is full of Responsibility, Now my job is to ensure the System is fine.
:and I want my company enable me to take a nap during the day, sounds ridiculous but its comes true!!!
3. beside the holy month of Ramadhan always bring a joyful feel.

*the reasons I feel Nauseated:
1. Have to deal with same shit things everyday; wake up morning, long distance trip with the shit!! traffic jam.
2. lose my time to hanging out with friends, my family, and especially my lovely angel.

at Thursday, I feel joyful coz my company mainly IT Division goes to Mal Artha Gading for breakfasting party.
but at Friday, I feel Nauseated coz have to wake up morning again, long distace trip again, and traffic jam again!!
its must be suck to be me!!!!!

but like I often do "positive mental attitude" stay cool boyz that just the way I've to pass for complete the process
of being more mature.
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