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Email yg melegakan dari Cisco
Friday, December 24, 2010
Akhirnya bisa tuntas juga nyelesaiin CCIP, setelah lama sibuk di project, pada saat exam QoS kemarin dan lulus perasaan biasa aja, ga ada yg beda sama lulus2 exam BGP dan MPLS terdahulu, tapi begitu dapet email dari cisco bahwa CCIP track nya sudah lengkap, tanpa sadar senyuman merekah.

berikut sepenggal emailnya:

Dear Teguh Ari Wibowo,

Congratulations on successfully completing the CCIP (Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional) certification requirements. Candidates are automatically assigned a unique Cisco ID number after taking a Cisco Career Certification exam. Your Cisco ID number is CSCO111xxxx. This Cisco ID number will be listed on your certificate and should be referenced when registering for additional Cisco exams to prevent delay on receiving proper credit for your exam(s).
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